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There is a list of adults attending your wedding. Along with these adults, there could be little footsteps following along. Reasons for couples not to have children present at their wedding is because the parents might not enjoy themselves running after their kids, inappropriate traditions, and preoccupying themselves by making sure the kids are properly taken care of. Making sure activities for the children are set up and responsible adults nearby will make your special day stress free and a fun experience for the kids.

When you invite someone with kids, I’m sure their first priority is their kids. Will they be able to attend as well? Will this be an enjoyable experience for everyone? This is your wedding and being happy all day is important. Being bothered by guest regarding arrangements or failed expectations can be a cloud over your sunny day. Keep the kids preoccupied with fun activities and free goodies. A great way to keep them entertained is making their dinner tables fun and exciting. Here are some fun suggestions to keep your little guest happy, excited and ready to have fun!




Make the centerpieces for the kids table kid-friendly. This can be candies, fruit, or crayons shaped into flowers. Kids have a chance to grab a snack now and then to keep themselves full of energy and excited for the next surprise.



There is nothing worse than a beautiful table cloth being drawn on with crayons or used to wipe little mouths dripping with cake or chocolate. Consider replacing the fancy table cloth to drawing paper for the kids’ table. This gives them a chance to show their creativity and a simple distraction to keep them happy as they wait for their food or while they eat. Don’t forget to add some colorful crayons!


As the kids begin to arrive, make sure they know about this fun game and competition. Provide them with a list of objects and people, along with a disposable camera. They have to explore the reception and find everything on the list. This helps them participate in the reception and explore the area. The last list on the item could be to find the person in charge of watching the kids and he/she will provide them with a special treat. A friendly competition, but a prize for all the participants.


Toast time? Well, this means for everyone to listen to the emotional and historical toasts. This also means the kids have to calm down and listen up too as they stare at the adults lifting their champagne. Not this time! Give the kids a champagne glass, but with milk instead of champagne. For another special treat, pass around a basket of cookies for them.















Next to each dish, include a small wedding favour. This can be a paper bag or small tin with crayons, snacks, coloring paper, and bubbles. This will make them feel appreciated and keep them busy as they enjoy their new toys.


Bringing the kids to the wedding should not feel like a burden to anyone. To be honest, I am sure the kids are dreading attending anyways. You have an opportunity to make the little guests happy and excited to share this special day with you. These fun decorations and activities will keep them happy throughout the reception. Kids just want to have fun too!



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