Uncommon Blooms- Ideas to Make Your Bouquet Stand Out

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Regardless of whether or not your ceremony is traditional, one thing every bride must have is a bouquet.

The floral arrangements that decorate your venue can either be the focal point or the accent to your design, but the arrangement you hold in your hand should compliment you completely as you walk down the aisle. Wedding bouquets have a longstanding history of including flowers with romantic attributes (undying love, fidelity, luck, etc.) but since then we have come to realize that we want our bouquets to reflect us and our personalities.

Draw from an endless supply of whimsical and downright ingenious bouquet ideas to find the right balance of elegance while creating something that entirely represents you. Whether you opt to keep with a traditional design is up to you, but keep in mind that there are thousands of elements to choose from when shaping your wedding bouquet. If your style is a bit more avant-garde then look no further. Feathers, paper, or gleaming buttons are unexpected materials for unorthodox bouquets that still look wedding-ready.

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Vegetation feels unusual in a bridal bouquet but historically, brides incorporate herbs, spices, and other plants into their bouquets to ward off evil spirits, so adding vegetation to your bouquet is like a modern upgrade. Think of it as invoking health, well-being, and vitality to your ceremony.


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Surprising additions such as artichoke, kale, or southwestern floral like tumbleweeds, add a creative texture. Pine cones work in natural aesthetic for a winter ceremony.

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Thematic elements are another uncommon direction and an excellent way to make your bouquet stand out. Jewel encrusted bouquets accentuate an opulent decor, and seashells bring a laid back sandy feel to a beach wedding. Holiday-specific elements like Christmas baubles are a festive touch for a December wedding, while acorns and pumpkins nestled in your bouquet are perfect for capturing the essence of fall.


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These suggestions, however amazing, are merely the tip of the iceberg. Whatever direction you choose, let your imagination run wild. Ultimately, your bouquet is an extension of you, so hold what feels comfortable and what makes you shine as bright as possible on your big day.


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