What Wedding Arch Fits You?

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Early on in the planning process, you’ll want to nail down major points like your catering, your florist, and your venue. For couples who opt to be married outside a traditional structure, it can be difficult to find a natural focal point for your ceremony. An archway is a perfect solution that is simple yet versatile, framing you and your beloved in a halo of gorgeous.

Abstract + contemporary

Of course, a wedding arch doesn’t have to be an arch at all. Some of the best ideas are abstract ones. An angled structure is best for contemporary and bohemian wedding decor, bringing visual interest and a sense of vibrant creativity.



Modern, edgy, clean– a square is a bold alternative shape and makes a statement along with adding drama and acting as a solid anchor point for your design.


Soft + delicate

A structured arbor can be the ballast of any theme, but sometimes all you need is a bit of flowing fabric. Consider the elegance of a gently billowing wedding arch, suited for those seeking delicacy and a diaphanous atmosphere.



Dreamy, airy, and oh so romantic. Fabric arches are excellent choices for beach and woodland weddings, although they are simple enough to be dressed up or down to work in a variety of settings.



Rustic + creative

Raw wood arches are perfect desert wedding additions. They provide a truly organic aesthetic that is perfectly suited for couples who share a love for nature.



Alternatively, a love of simplicity for the more indoorsy bride can translate into a more industrial or edgier design for their ceremony. Paired with art or natural greenery, an arch is a striking backdrop.



Lush + elegant

Exquisite and refined, dripping with blossoms for the opulent bride. A prime contender for an outdoor space such as a garden, or a simple open room. Flanked with ferns, the simplicity of the staging for this gorgeous arch makes it a true focal point.



You don’t have to sacrifice elegance if you’re wanting to avoid a free-standing structure. A wall-mounted arch composed of ferns or other long, leafy greens spruce up a room instantly. Paired with gold, candles, and dark wood, this variant is stunning.



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