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In the couple of wedding I have attended, I have noticed a few things they have in common. The number one thing is the ceremony never begins on time. I am not complaining because so much is happening on this day that something is bound to not begin on time. The groom might have forgotten his tie or the bride can’t find her earrings. So the guests have to wait at the ceremony area for a few moments longer than expected.

Most of the time everyone is understanding and cooperative. A few reasons for this is because these are people the couple are really close to and the couple have left them with a small welcoming gift to give them more patience. A welcoming gift can range from a tote bag filled with goodies to something small like a snack and water. This lets the guest know they are appreciated and to hang on tight!

A tote bag is a fun and eco-friendly approach. Guests can easily reuse the bag in the future and provides everyone with a fun little gift. The tote bang can range in designs. The simple approach is to choose one that is plain. Another option is placing the initials of the bride and groom on the bag along with the date. A catch phrase or even a fun fact about the couple will definitely intrigue the guests.

The main purpose of the bag is to keep your guests happy and patient. So including something inside to keep their energies up is a must. Include a refreshment like water or soda. Add a few granola bars and even an apple. Even adding a small gift like a coaster, candle, or reusable coffee mug will be an exciting surprise. Consider placing your partner’s and your initials on the favor for the guest to remember this special day.

A tote bag might be too expensive for every guest to receive especially if you have over fifty people attending the wedding. The expenses for the bags will definitely become worse with over hundred people. A simple and affordable route to take is placing a small snack on each of the chairs at the ceremony for the guests. A wedding I recently attended did just that. They placed a small water bottle along with a bag of nuts for the guests. This gives the guests a chance to eat a small snack before the reception. Kids were present at this wedding so this definitely excited them and kept them occupied for the rest of the ceremony. This decision was simple and affordable. Arriving to the ceremony with a small gift waiting for you was an exciting and thoughtful surprise.

Regardless of which route to take with this welcome gift, I am sure all your guests will be appreciative. Some might be driving a far distance or will be coming from out of town or even out of state. So arriving to the ceremony with a small snack and gift on their chair will be exciting. Even if you provide them with water and a bag of snacks will keep them full and happy if the ceremony were to begin a few minutes later. Begin this great day with a great surprise!

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